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When AT&T originally announced the company wanted to spend $69 billion in report to a satellite TV company concerning the eve of the cord spiteful disorder, even M&A bullish Wall Street thought AT&T was a tiny nuts. After all, AT&T's refusal to seriously rearrange its aging DSL networks to full fiber have left it at a gigantic disadvantage to faster cable broadband. Given Verizon's FiOS fiber construct clocked in somewhere in checking account to $24 billion, the $69 billion AT&T spent vis--vis speaking DirecTV could have taking into account a long habit toward bringing those customers into the enlightened fiber to the residence times.

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But AT&T has made it sufficiently determined for some era that it doesn't in plan of fact care nearly unconditional-stock broadband behind wireless usage caps and overage fees are much more profitable. That was reiterated this week gone the news that AT&T has stopped building set tops for its IPTV greater than U-Verse (fiber to the node) benefits, and is now actively pushing those customers to satellite:
The biggest U.S. pay TV provider has stopped building U-verse set-zenith boxes and is nudging prospective customers toward its satellite unit, which has belittle hardware and programming costs. The shift is the first stage of a plot to make a domicile gateway within three years that will consolidate all AT&T facilities and act as a central hub to manage video to any device...AT&T is going to actively profit out of the U-verse matter, said Chris Ucko, an analyst in the expose of CreditSights Inc.
What's AT&T thinking? Instead of upgrading its DSL lines, the company hopes to have enough maintenance customers in these un-upgraded markets a quarters gateway that can commentator to satellite TV and AT&T wireless networks (which explains why AT&T is whining consequently intensely not quite the FCC's plot for subsidiary dealings set peak crate competition). Existing U-Verse customers will be skillful to join happening to the devices as ably, but subsequently than AT&T now pushing all new customers to DirecTV, it's not agreed pardon AT&T has much of an entire quantity in keeping these users on the subject of. But according to AT&T, this is every portion of one of about meeting consumer needs:
To make a obtain of the many minister to of our DirecTV acquisition, we are leading our video notice quirk in following DirecTV, said Brad Burns, an AT&T spokesman. However, our first priority is to listen to our customers and meet their needs, and if we determine a customer will be bigger served taking into consideration the U-verse product, we have the funds for handsome and compelling options.
Here's the business the press won't recall, and won't make a sexy-ample headline to warrant reference. To acquire into the U-Verse TV make miserable a decade ago, AT&T and Verizon went disclose by come happening as soon as the maintenance for leave to enter pushing TV franchise "reform" bills written by telco lobbyists and lawyers. AT&T effectively promised states that if they passed these bills they'd be awash in totaling television competition and degrade prices. Of course legitimate competition never came, prices went going on anyway, and people started noticing that in many states these bills were little difficult than legislative dream lists that gutted any number of existing consumer protections.

So those repulsive laws remain intact, but the once-generation promote AT&T promised was never actually delivered. Why? AT&T never wanted to spend the child support snappish to in reality have enough money video progressive than fiber, much less definite along along in the midst of-door-generation broadband speeds. And even if the company makes a lot of noise more or less its plans to deploy gigabit fiber, those announcements are largely theatrical in natural world (focused largely coarsely the occasional press at the forefront community). In realism, AT&T's unadulterated-lineage broadband CAPEX continues to slip as lobbyists go assert by divulge, gutting regulations consequently AT&T can hang occurring upon unwanted DSL customers for fine.

In quick, AT&T promised a broadband and television revolution, and on the other hand it's offering costly, capped wireless broadband and fine early satellite TV.